Get your SaaS startup to $10K MRR using Dynamic Marketing principles WITHOUT throwing thousands of dollars into ads or sitting at low revenue for years

Proven by MILLIONS in new generated revenue across 100+ startups

in MarTech, BioTech, CyberSec, and nearly every impossible niche

Hi, I'm...

Denis Shatalin,

You probably know me from my Twitter / LinkedIn / YouTube / blog

Where I share the best customer acquisition tactics for SaaS startups...

But what you might not know is that...

  • I've added over 1,1M+ in new sales startups since 2021...
  • I've learned the best SaaS sales & marketing practices by coaching over 100+ founders
  • I'm the number one "SaaS Coach" on Google (check yourself)
  • I helped 4 founders get from "clueless about my GTM" and 0 leads to getting over 20 product demos in under 20 days
  • I helped 6 founders to 10X their profit by redesigning their marketing strategy from start to finish
  • Helped land a $52 000 000 deal with an Investment Fund from Dubai

Are you stuck between idea and $5K MRR?

Does the journey from concept to hitting these numbers look too unclear?

Are you struggling to market your solution effectively, consistently land new customers, and build a revenue stream that can scale to 10K, 30K MRR, and beyond?

If you're constantly thinking about pivoting and adjusting strategies without the results you want, I've made a course that may be a perfect solution for you...

(PS - If you are a SaaS founder doing below 5K MRR and don't understand how Dynamic Marketing will get you to 10K, make sure you read to the end)
But first, let me share a little story…
So, here's the deal – my journey in the world of startups has not looked like +20-prospect-call-weeks and generating $50M contracts for clients from day 0.

It all started with me launching a jewelry business and struggling to effectively market it. I had a designer, a talented jewelry maker, and myself handling marketing and sales.
But events took a different turn. Our star jewelry maker got a much better job offer and left. Suddenly, my venture dimmed. Before getting to the first $100k in sales, I thought this one was over and went on to launch e-commerce businesses and no-code SaaS products.

1) Dropshipping backpacks - 7 FB ad account bans before we landed 10 sales.
2) Dropshipping skincare - same story, shout out to Zuck.
3) No-code Mental Tech platform for founders - got some traction, but I pivoted too often and didn't get it to 6-figures.

And other no-code projects like a "bet vs. friends app", note-taker for exam preparation, and a dozen more.

But then...

I co-founded a store on Wildberries (Russian Amazon), where we sold... DOG GROOMING TOOLS AND TOYS! And this one has done more sales than all these other ventures combined. We built a system that returned $1,8 on every $1 spent, like a machine. Would you believe that this thing -
would get me to its first 100 5-star reviews with 10% of the effort I put into ventures prior to it? Me neither. But it taught me a very important thing.

Getting the first $10K in sales is all about

  • What you sell
  • Who do you sell it to
  • How you sell it to them

(Spoiler - these are the fundamentals I covered in the tiniest detail in the course)

Then another beautiful thing happened. One guy from Twitter asked me how I got that no-code app and ecom store to traction because he was struggling to get customers for his SaaS in the UX space. I helped him out, he got his first sales within a couple of weeks.

I discovered that I enjoyed it SO MUCH MORE that I want to dedicate my life to it. Plus, the ecom venture required so much logistical back-end work that I had to do multiple 6-hour drives a week from the warehouse to the fulfillment center and back. So I helped out another founder, and another, and the other, and...

Since then, I accelerated over 100 SaaS products in nearly every niche and helped founders convert sales for products ranging from $15/mo all the way to $50,000,000.

Here, I would leave it to my clients to speak for me:

???? "Denis gave me a handful of ideas as to how we can grow. Thank you! Would encourage SaaS founders to reach out to him." Andy, B2B SaaS CMO.

???? "Had a chat with Denis Shatalin and learned a lot about how to grow a SaaS. The frameworks he laid out were immensely valuable, the best coaching I've ever gotten on SaaS growth." Deepak, Founder & CEO Chartmat

???? "Been working with Denis Shatalin for the past months on Feedbucket. He helped us find PMF and I can't recommend him enough." Marcus, Founder & CEO Feedbucket

???? "With Denis, I have been able to get so much farther than I would have ever gotten by myself, really quickly." Britton, Founder & CEO Perci

Recently, I decided to put together EVERY SAAS SECRET I've learned to date to craft an ULTIMATE resource for a founder between idea and 5K MRR stage.

I packed ALL the steps I was taking founders through into a single resource.

Unlike most courses, I'm making this one as action-driven as possible.

So in every module, you'll find checklists and activation points that you need to implement in your startup.

I do this to maximize your chances of getting results. But before I walk you through the chapters, let's figure out...

Is this course really for you?

I am not claiming every founder on Earth must go through it. But if any of the points below resonate with you, than it's been made EXACTLY for you and you should keep reading:

1) You want to build a B2B SaaS but no matter which market you look at, all of them have competitors with millions in funding. You are unsure which path to pick and this kills your productivity (you have no certainty in your plan). You want to finally understand the niche to pick and to work on something where you wouldn't need to spend YEARS sitting at $0 revenue.

2) You shipped an MVP, but now looking at your product you have zero clue how to stand out from competitors who can build any feature you have in 2 days.

3) You tried discounting the price, but it didn't fill your Stripe account with sales (as you expected), because not many (0?) people seemed to bother.

4) You tried contacting potential prospects, some of them even said "Yes, the product is awesome, I'll certainly go use it and pay for it". Then you heard *crickets*, and not the payment notifications.

5) You just don't know where to go to find customers at this point.

6) You are trying to charge less than the competition, but it's not resulting in a faster growth rate (and in the evenings you're telling yourself "If I discount more, more people will buy" - knowing it's a lie and won't work.

7) You have SOME idea of what your buyers could look like, but you don't have an IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE dialed in.

8) You are feeling cringe when contacting potential prospects because you don't clearly know what to offer them.

9) You don't know where to find quality leads and how to build lead lists that will open 50-90% of your messages.

10) You don't know how to do value-based pricing and are afraid to terribly undersell your product (which you feel you are already doing).

11) You have no prior experience building Go-To-Market strategies for SaaS products and are not sure which actions are best taken in which order, and what the 0 to 10K MRR pathway even looks like.

12) You have no prior SaaS sales or marketing skills or the past ones aren't really helping you with the existing product.

13) You've done a bunch of sales thanks to your network, but now your pipeline dried out. You don't know how to CONSISTENTLY get new sales for your startup, and can't wait to be 100% CONFIDENT where and when your NEXT 100 SALES will come from.

14) It is taking you SO much time getting leads into your pipeline, and you know there must be a smarter way to automate 90% of your work and land sales on AUTOPILOT (there is).

15) You just want to have a (peace of mind) growth strategy for your startup, which you know will work, which you can stick to without questioning it every week, and finally hit $10K in monthly revenue.

Do you wonder how I know all these so well? Hah, it's not just because I helped numerous founders solve these, but also... because I've struggled with each of these problems MYSELF.

And had to pay with years of hard work, tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes, and approx 20 grand in coaching to now confidently know how to solve these for early-stage SaaS products.

If one or a few (all?) of these resonated, you should know how to be in 10% of startups who survive this stage:


90% of SaaS startups die in the first few years for a reason.


They don’t get that in order for their product to have consistent cash flow, their product has to:

  1. Save time
  2. Generate extra revenue
  3. Prevent risk

I used to launch, pivot, and kill my no-code products because I didn’t understand the importance of these three. You can think of any successful startup, and you'll realize it delivers on at least one of those, and often multiple.

So your marketing duty as a founder is to make your product a... [[PAIN-KILLER]].

If you still don't have a product, this course will teach you how to pick a product that matches these elements correctly. And if you have one, it will explain how to make it OBVIOUS to leads that you do at least one. Or in other words...

How to make it STUPIDLY OBVIOUS your tool is a LIFESAVING-PAINKILLER and not a cheap nice-to-have tool.

But how do you do this? To position your product as a painkiller, you need... DATA.

Data equals market feedback. Having more market feedback lets you operate your marketing better. Agree?

So, the more effective you are in integrating market feedback in your campaigns, the stronger positioning you can achieve, and the EASIER it becomes to land EACH next sale.

This means operating your marketing in a dynamic way. Actually, I'll present this whole mechanism in 2 words that sum up this entire paragraph...

Let me introduce your new secret weapon…


See, when launching my first products, I thought that the business plan is the key to success. Don’t get me wrong, it surely is. But from the moment when you clearly know what you’re doing.

Successful Market Positioning requires a combination of multiple factors:

Knowing the problem you’re solving, who exactly you’re solving it for, why which message resonates with them best, which channel converts them fastest, and at which timing you have to approach them to close them smoothly.

Even if you can tell fortunes using Taro cards, getting ALL of these right from the first attempt is nearly impossible. That is why startups who treat their positioning and marketing in a Dynamic way - win.

Startup growth is about experimenting and learning quickly:

More experiments → More knowledge → Cheaper Customer Acquisition Cost → Faster growth

So, startups who can launch more experiments, adjust their market positioning and message quicker out-compete those who do it slower.

As you regularly leverage the new data points you get each time - you’re able to gain WAY more insight into your market than your competitors.

Such way, Dynamic Marketing Methodology is the common denominator of all products that DO hit the $10K MRR mark in less than a year from launch.

But how do you know Dynamic Marketing would work for YOU?

Following Dynamic Marketing principles is essential for businesses that:

  • Don't have a set-in-stone, clear, validated business model
  • Need Product-Market Fit to achieve a 20% Month-Over-Month Growth rate
  • Are operating in the markets with existing competition, but without a proven demand for THEIR PARTICULAR Value Proposition
  • Are actively undertaking customer acquisition activities in campaigns across multiple channels and SEVERELY require incoming market feedback to be integrated into their strategy

In which case your business DOES NOT need Dynamic Marketing approach

Following Dynamic Marketing principles is NOT NECESSARY for businesses that:

  • Have a clear, historically proven business model (car wash, dry clean)
  • Are operating on low 2-4% margins and have no room for experiments (offline retail)
  • Are operating in slow, non-dynamic industries and know they'll be selling the same thing in decades regardless (wine shops)

So if you're a startup founder, we both know that integrating market feedback is essential for your survival.

And if you're between idea and 5K MRR, you NEED to learn the art of integrating it into your campaigns at maximum efficiency.

Fortunately, THIS is what my course is about. And when you sell a PAINKILLER product and operate market feedback correctly, hitting $10K MRR will happen as a BY-PRODUCT.

Let me walk you through the chapters...
How to get SaaS from an idea to 10K MRR using Dynamic Marketing
Part 1: Idea to $1K MRR
This chapter has been designed to help you pick a niche where it will just be easier to land sales and how to reposition your SaaS syncing it with SaaS Success Formula. Here we go from positioning to launching your campaigns and hitting the fist $1K in MRR.

By the end of this part, you will:

  • Learn how Dynamic Marketing will help you dominate your niche
  • Understand SaaS Success Formula
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of SaaS Market positioning
  • Have me walk you through comparison examples between rapidly scaling and struggling products, so that you Customer Acquisition Model of a $10K MRR SaaS and in which way it differs from a $0 MRR SaaS

Chapters include:

  1. Unlocked after purchase
  2. Unlocked after purchase
  3. Market Positioning
  4. Positioning examples of successful products (and why they are generating cashflow)
  5. Unlocked after purchase
  6. Setting up LinkedIn campaigns
  7. Setting up Cold Email campaigns to reach 5,000 leads a day at +50% open rate
  8. Unlocked after purchase

And a bonus chapter:
# How to get 30,000 leads for $100

Points covered:
  • How to validate your idea.
  • How to identify your Ideal Customer Profile.
  • How to find consistent and high-quality leads.
  • How to optimize your market positioning for higher profit margins.
  • How to acquire your first 20 customers.
  • How to select the right acquisition channels.
  • How to learn common traps that can ruin your progress.

This module alone is worth the entire investment in the course because if you don’t get this right, you’re on the path to spending years growing a nice-to-have product without something that isn’t in demand or profitable.
Part 2: $1k to $3K MRR
Here, we already have sales, and our campaigns are running. So, you now need to make MOST of your campaigns, effectively overcome objections

By the end of this part, you will:

  • Have a list of top 25 SaaS objections and battle-tested ways to overcome them
  • Learn how to build a converting website (best practices after analyzing 350 SaaS landing pages)
  • Learn hot to run sales calls and close people over DM's and email
  • How to get more leads through content marketing so you grow even quicker

Chapters include:

  1. Overcoming top 25 SaaS Objections
  2. Unlocked after purchase
  3. Unlocked after purchase
  4. Unlocked after purchase
  5. Unlocked after purchase
  6. Unlocked after purchase
  7. Unlocked after purchase

And a bonus chapter:
# Conversions Scorecard (that shows you WHICH numbers you should be hitting at each step of the funnel - open rates, reply rates, conversion to sign up, all)
Part 3: $3k to $5K MRR
At this step, we must dial in the acquisition funnel and increase the Month-Over-Month growth rate, so you scale quickly enough not to be burdened by costs.

By the end of this part, you will:

  • Learn how to operate your customer acquisition to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Learn how to approach your UX/UI so that users aren't churning
  • How you can redirect competitors' users to switch to your product

Chapters include:

  1. Funnel optimization
  2. How to increase conversion from free to paid users
  3. How to optimize the product for referrals
  4. How to attract customers from your competitors

And a bonus chapter:
#Startup Killers - the exact traps I fell into when building the products that have cost me over $30,000 in developer and marketing costs.
Part 4: $5k to $10K MRR
Aimed at diversifying your acquisition streams and building out systems.

By the end of this part, you will:

  • Know how to analyze and grow your conversion & close rates
  • Learn how to build a team to outsource ALL the work you hate
  • How to find and close deals with affiliate growth partners

Chapters include:

  1. Unlocked after purchase
  2. How to hire great assistants
  3. How to land affiliate partnerships
  4. Finding new revenue streams

And a bonus section:
# How to skyrocket your path to $50K MRR through affiliates (with examples and message templates for closing affiliate partners with a 100K audience)

How do you know that investing time learning all this stuff and executing it for your product is worth it?

I tested EVERY SINGLE TACTIC shared in these chapters on real startups. Now years I spent doing this are available to you in 2 clicks.

Below, I'll walk you through some of the recent situations in which I embedded Dynamic Marketing methodology into startup's core, and what results it led to.

And I will again speak in numbers and screenshots, not with words...
Case study: How we integrated Dynamic Marketing methodology to get Perci AI from 0 to $8,4K in revenue in 5 months (with a team of 1 SOLO, part-time founder handling a full-time job (!), with $0 spent in costs)
Britton came to me facing a PACK of issues. No clear ICP, not being sure what to charge, not knowing how to convert people to a HIGHER price than competitor products, not knowing how to run campaigns to get people to purchase Perci AI on AUTOPILOT.

Well, let the screenshots speak for me:
Ah, and did I tell you that my strategies got Britton 4 product demos within 60 MINUTES (!!) of our first meeting?
Now you get what I mean by *speed* when talking about the results people get after we integrate Dynamic Marketing into their acquisition systems.

Pause for a few seconds. Think, what would it feel like if you had $8000 MORE coming in every month in RECURRING sales?

Good news is, the exact roadmap that helped Britton, a SOLO PART-TIME founder of Perci to add $8K in sales with $0 (!!) in marketing costs. Yes, I mean he only worked on his product 20 hours a week and didn't pay for any ads or expensive software tools.

Let's make it simpler. Let me just share the testimonial where Britton shared how it felt:
Case study: How applying Dynamic Marketing helped Ricard get from 5 to 150 daily sign-ups in just 28 days
Ricard, Founder of Dividend Compass, has been facing a challenge with consistently getting people into his product and converting free users into paid.

The systems that you will learn in the course helped him get from 5 to 150 people signing up per day. Daily. All thanks to us restructuring positioning and acquisition from scratch.
Case study: How Dynamic Marketing helped Jillian close an ICE cold B2B sale in just 6 (!!) days after launching her campaigns
Jillian, Founder of MiloTree from Texas knew there MUST be a better way to get sales. We redesigned her positioning and integrated the Dynamic Marketing system into her startup.

I think it was the same day when she had the meetings booked because we had the money in the bank account 6 DAYS after clicking *launch* on FULLY automated campaigns (which you'll learn how to structure A to Z in Parts 1 and 2 of the course).
Case study: How Dynamic Marketing approach helped Feedbucket hit 8X increase in profit in 11 weeks
Marcus from Feedbucket talks about how he went from *hoping for the next sale* to landing them weekly. Our approach helped him increase his profit by 8 times. We booked the first demos in week 0 and received the payment from the first cold B2B lead on day 17 (!).

Another fun note - Marcus has been working on his product PART-TIME and hit these results while spending $0 in costs.
Why Dynamic Marketing is the ONLY way to go from
0 - $3K to 10K MRR in less than 6 months
When I started out, I believed that a solid business plan was the ultimate key to success. But in reality, successful Market Positioning demands agility.

To conquer the market, you need to adapt:

  • Understand the problem you solve.
  • Identify your ideal audience.
  • Craft compelling messages.
  • Choose the right channels.
  • Perfect your timing.
  • Getting all these right from the start is nearly impossible. That's why startups that embrace Dynamic Marketing come out on top.

Startup growth is about experimentation and rapid learning:

More experiments → More knowledge → Lower CAC → Faster growth

Startups that launch and adjust quickly outperform slower competitors. They leverage new data to understand the market better.

Dynamic Marketing is your secret weapon. It's about continuous experimentation and real-time feedback, allowing you to adapt your approach for maximum impact.

To make it work, set up robust data tracking when launching campaigns. Track key metrics to fine-tune your strategy and increase conversions.

The result? Faster feedback loops, going from 2-4 months to 2-14 days.

Create a seamless feedback loop from business development to marketing. Insights gathered on Monday can fuel a new campaign by Wednesday. This synergy ignites your growth plan and drives sales.
And how about getting a SaaS from 0 to 3K MRR in 10 weeks, AND (!) getting your venture studio to 7-figures?
Because after we plugged in Dynamic Marketing into Andrew's strategy for Supersend, that's exactly what happened...
Triple 10K MRR Free Test-Drive Guarantee
The problem with most resources is people put their information out for sale without putting their skin in the game.

Well, I'm ready to take some risk from your investment because I'm confident my stuff works. For that reason, I am not afraid to provide you with these 3 (!!) guarantees.
#1) 10X Value Best Course Guarantee:

If you complete it and tell me it's not the best resource/course you've gone through on taking a SaaS from 0 to 10K MRR OR the best resource on growing an early-stage SaaS, I’ll refund your money.

I made this one because I believed there's not a single actionable course on growing SaaS on the Internet. So if you feel it hasn't given you a 10X value return after completing it and you got more from some other resource - I'll refund you.

#2) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

I’m confident that you'll love this course, but if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied after completing it, I’ll refund your money — no questions asked.

#3) 10K MRR Guarantee (!!):

If you watch all the content and complete all activation points and still don't hit $10,000 MRR in less than 6 months, I’ll personally provide you with 3 FREE consulting calls to help you fix remaining pieces.

So even if you’re just a little bit curious about Dynamic Marketing...

You might as well invest in it today.

That way you can go through the modules and decide if it’s a good fit!

With the guarantees above, there’s no risk on your end at all.
Yes, I want to unlock a Dynamic Marketing System to get my SaaS to $10K MRR
(Give me instant access right now)

Normally $4199

Today only $1199

What happens after you click "Yes I want it asap" button
After you open the next page, you're taken to Stripe check out page. You're in startups, so I don't need to explain you that it's a checkout system used by millions of companies.

Next, once you complete the payment, within 5 minutes you'll receive my email where you will find the course link.

This means that JUST 5 MINUTES FROM NOW you can already have ALL the resources you need to clarify your marketing strategy, build a converting sales engine, and join the $10K MRR club.

In 5 minutes, you can be swiping all the Dynamic Marketing elements and implementing them into your existing marketing to start adding thousands in recurring revenue…

Plus you’ll get all the special bonuses I didn't disclose on the page which you need to take your business to the next level.

And regardless of where you find yourself standing right now, equipped with resources available in this course,

You can 2-10X your sales in just few months (like other founders you seen on this page did).
Icing on a cake
I've been using the same Dynamic Marketing methodology to grow my current performance-based accelerator business, SaaS Camp. For some payments from outbound campaigns, I used Stripe. In this course, I teach you the exact strategies I have been using to get consistent 15 call weeks and over £70,000 in sales in the past year JUST from the outbound campaigns alone.
If only I had access to a resource like this in May 2022, I'd be years ahead. The good news is - you can skip the YEARS of trial and error and just hear ME walk through the tactics that have worked best for me, and tens of founders I applied these for.

I paid $20 000 this year for coaching and even more in mistakes so that YOU DON'T NEED TO.
What to do if you're still unsure
You can watch my Twitter growth guide where I explained every step you need to do to grow your SaaS via Twitter.

To this date, I believe it's the most powerful guide to growing SaaS on Twitter available on the Internet.

This one is free, so imagine the amount of insights you'll get from the course I put tens of hours into, packed with checklists and roadmaps to solve EVERY early-stage SaaS sales & marketing issue imaginable (and constantly adding more info).
What to do if you're STILL unsure
Email me at and ask if it will be a good fit for you.

Spoiler - if you belong to any of the bullet points from the "Is this course for you?" section, I will tell you yes.

When you shouldn't invest in it
If you are comfortable with your skillset and current stage of your SaaS, don't get it. I made it for people looking to expand knowledge and aiming 100x higher than their acceptable comfort level.

This course is for founders ready to put in the work after receiving the necessary resources. By the time you complete it, you will absolutely know which types of SaaS products make sales and why, how to position your product to make it easier to land customers, and how to structure your sales engine to hit the first 5-10K MRR.

So if:

  • You're comfortable where you are
  • You don't want to study how other products hit their revenue targets
  • You're "too busy" to save yourself from years of heading in the wrong direction, which could be prevented by watching one of the modules in just 10 minutes
  • You don't need to learn new sales and marketing startup growth strategies

Then please leave it and close this tab now. Otherwise, if you'd like to join other entrepreneurs getting 20X-50X ROI, protected by a {TRIPLE FREE TEST DRIVE GUARANTEE}, you're only 2 clicks away from accessing EVERYTHING there is inside...