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I've been working with Denis and he's awesome.

Marcus Gullberg, Founder & CEO

Signature Programs
We provide companies and institutions with legal service for business and private clients
$3K MRR Program Outline
$3K MRR in 6 months or I do sales for you
$3K MRR is an 6-month accelerator that gives the skills and blueprints you need to hit $3K MMR with a SaaS startup. We go through the core program in 8 weeks and we work with you 1 on 1 for 6 months. If your product doesn't hit $3K MMR mark in 6 months - I do user acquisition for you. This means I'll spend my own time and money on ads and leadgen until product hits this mark.
Program outline

Module 1: Sales funnel
Our key priority is to start making money asap. In the first module we break down our user acquisition strategy, you learn how how to run sales calls on a low heartbeat and which lead generation tactics work best for early-stage SaaS.

I equip you with tools for leadgen and receiving payments. You receive your SaaS and charisma homework for the week. Practice makes perfect.

Module 2: Market positioning
With great marketing, sales go on autopilot. In second module you learn how to identify pricing so you don't undercharge yourself by 10 times, how to appear in front of your customers at the best moment, and bootstrap SaaS in competitive market.
I equip you with marketing checklists and cheetsheets. They will help you market SaaS correctly even if you have been coding your entire life. You receive your SaaS and charisma homework for the week.

Module 3: Converting website
We have our sales funnel running and positioning is clear. Now is the time to improve our website. Strong copy will help us acquire more users with less effort. You learn best practices of high converting SaaS websites, which elements you should and shouldn't include, and how to sell benefits instead of features.

I equip you with tools for website optimization, explain how to test if your website hits the goal. You receive your SaaS and charisma homework for the week.

Module 4: Product optimization
We want to make sure all users get value from our product. This module teaches you how to design flawless UX. You learn product principles that SaaS companies use to hit $146M ARR.

I equip you with SaaS checklist that allows you to plan the product's roadmap in the right way. You receive your SaaS and charisma homework for the week.

Module 5: Strong offer
You need 3 things to get your company to $1M: good product, good traffic and an incredible offer. In 5th module you learn how to turn weak offers into no-brainers, what makes people pay and how to play with human nature to make more money.

You practice offer-creation in exercises and then we apply everything to your startup.
I equip you with an offer structure that amplifies desirability and mitigates risk for a buyer. You receive your SaaS and charisma homework for the week.

Module 6: Unit economics
Our aim is to have a profitable SaaS company that generates sustainable cashflow. In module 6 you learn numbers: what to track, what not to track, how to track it. Each SaaS requires unique success measurement system and we build one for your business together.

I equip you with company growth formula that allows to 2x revenue each month and scale exponentially. You receive your SaaS and charisma homework for the week.

Module 7: Being a greater leader
My goal is not just to help you make money. It is to help you become an entrepreneur who can lead others. Many founders who partner with me want to go big and build a strong team. Strong doers only work for strong founders. That's why each week you get special homework to amplify your charisma and we devote a whole module to that. In module 7 you learn what makes a great leader and we find your unqiue traits that highlight your charisma.

I equip you with simple exercises that turn you into a powerful individual. These helped me inspire 2 developers build my product almost for free. You receive your SaaS and charisma homework for the week.
Module 8: Winning tough negotiations
Our life is a negotiation. When you lose in negotiations, you lose in life. After module 8 you will have skills to get what you want. You learn how to never sign an awful deal, how to prepare for negotiations, how to apply situational analysis and find the way out when oponnent has you against the wall.
  • I equip you with a guide for tough negotiations. You receive your last SaaS and charisma homework and get set to scale your SaaS.
Corporate and commercial
This service includes:
  • choice of corporate form
  • start-up companies
  • corporate governance
  • corporate ownership and management
  • shareholder agreements
  • reorganizations
  • joint ventures
  • drafting shareholder agreements
  • legal expertise of commercial agreements
Insurance and torts
Our work in this practice area includes:
  • litigation
  • research and legal opinions
  • peaceful settlements
Our expertise in this area includes:
  • tax structures
  • VAT
  • customs and excise duties
  • transfer pricing
  • double taxation treaties
  • capital controls
  • cross-border tax issues
You aren't sure
anyone needs your product
You shared your product,
but nobody signed up
You don't understand
how to sell what you've got
You put much effort,
but users aren't coming back
You can't find the message
to sell your product
Why early founders struggle?
WHY early founders struggle
I've been there and I'll get you out of it.
Why work with me?
I know what I'm talking about
Unlike fancy advisors and gurus I went through this toughest stage myself. That's why you'll have all the answers for turning your new SaaS into a business. "Brutal trial and error" becomes "do what works"
Cofounder level commitment
I had founders come to me while participating in 2 accelerators. Reason? Nobody cared about their success there. Helping founders isn't a short-term hustle for me. It's my mission.
Fastest results

I've been in startups for years and I haven't seen anyone deliver results so fast. By the time accelerator reviews your application we'll already have paying users. I find ways to close sales in weeks even when working with $425K ARR SaaS.
Founder & CEO at GPads
Denis helped me overcome setbacks of my business. If you need to boost your startup,
get in touch with him!
Oleksandr Laktionov
Co-Founder & CPO at
We're building a no-code adaptive learning platform. Denis helped
to figure out the right growth strategy and gave us loads
of ideas.
Liza Boeva
Co-Founder & CMO at IP Sense
Denis helped us kick off our project and build momentum. Thanks!
Nikita, Marcus, Ekaterina, Alejandro Felipe, Gero, Stefan, Sunwoo, Zuberi, Jimmy, Arthur, Michael, Liza, Anna, Max, Alexander, Sergey, Alexey, Anastasia, Ben, Natalya, Bachtiyar, Artem, Galina, Jon, George, Jan, Artem and more.
Already turned techies from
Apple and Google into SaaS rockstars

Denis is helping me find respondents for

my B2B interviews and I'm doing better every week.

Reaching out to my audience felt like an uphill battle.

My path became easier thanks to Denis: he is there to moraly

support me and he is trying to help me avoid mistakes

that could cost me months of my life.

Nikita Madebeykin, Founder & CEO

You send application
I want to understand your commitment and why you need all this in the first place.
We meet in a call
After I review your application I send a Calendly link to successful candidates.
We dive in
We both make sure it's a good match and we're on the same vibe. Then, you get actionable growth tips from the day we partner.
How does 3K MRR offer work?
My offer is I get your SaaS from 0 to $3K MMR in 6 months or do sales for you. I take the whole risk of growing your startup. Why? Because I can identify products that will make money and know how to make it.

When I don't see a clear success path - I offer to do single consultations until we both become confident in getting to traction. I have no interest doing sales for random people for free, so we only work when I see that your SaaS can be brought to $3K MMR mark.

You have to be working 40h a week to qualify for "sales for you" guarantee. If you can only do 20h a week max because you're working somewhere else - I can deliver 0 to $2k MMR in 6 months. Can we get from 0 to 5k in 6 months? Yes. But I rather underpromise than don't live up to expectations. I got the first accepted founder from 0 to 1k MMR in 3 months and he never worked more than 20h a week.

If we don't hit $3K MMR in 6 months - I become your free sales development manager until we do. It's in my best interest to get there asap.
Why are you competent to do all that?

I worked at Big 4 but left the corporate world to launch exciting projects. Since then, I started 6 businesses. 3 ecom, 2 apps, 1 SaaS. 2 of them made money. I repeated my success with the first person who got into the program: $12K ARR in 3 months from 0 users and 0 dollars. Recently done it again for other SaaS founders.

What's the story behind SaaS Workshop?
All my startups aimed at helping entrepreneurs get to their goals. My last SaaS was a service helping founders overcome challenges. It was a platform, guides and 1-1s with me. Platform grew slowly so I asked users what's best about the product. They all said one-on-ones. I started solving burning problems and found my passion.
How will you be helping me?
Each week we will have 1 module call. There I will give you knowledge on the current module. Second half of the call goes to applying this knowledge for your startup. I am available for you over Telegram and Twitter DMs every day from the first day we partner.

Apart from weekly session I will be available for an emergency call any day of the week. This means if you want to calm down and speak to me - I get with you on a call the same hour.
Are there any extra costs?
No. If you can code your product - we bootstrap your SaaS to growth. We get first customers through direct sales, then I help you build our marketing strategy. We may choose to reinvest into ads after we bootstrap to $1-$2k range.
Can I just sell my SaaS for $180K after 6 months?
Yes. I have a partnership with Microns, SaaS marketplace. That's how I know that

  • SaaS with big churn and bad product sells for X2-X3 ARR
  • SaaS with ok churn and ok product sells for X3-X4 ARR
  • SaaS with low churn and nice product sells for X4-X6 ARR
I get you to $3K MMR in 6 months. If for some reason we don't get there - I find customers for you until we hit this mark.

$3K MMR = $36K ARR

We will have low churn and great product. This puts us in the realistic X4-X6 ARR range. This means the day we get to this milestone you can list it for sale at $180 000 and find a buyer in 1-3 months.

PMF in 2 months
  • Program Outline
  • Full support until your SaaS makes 10 sales
  • 7-day money back guarantee if you dont find incredible value
  • You keep 100% equity
Apply now
Which program are you interested in?
Why do you want to scale your startup?
Describe current stage of your startup + add website link
If your project makes money, write your MRR and which marketing channels you use. If not, write what youve done so far.
What do you want your project to be like in 2 years?
Why have you decided to pursue this idea?
Tell the story behind you choosing to work on this particular SaaS.
Describe an amazing result of our partnership.
Where did you first hear about me?
If somebody particular referenced me, please include their name
9/10 startups fail because they build useless products
Most founders do 2 things:
  1. They feed Facebook by running useless ad campaigns
  2. They give up on a decent product before finding their target market
That’s why I coach founders - to help entrepreneurs like you build products that people ask to pay for.
In the last 2 years I’ve helped over 30 founders scale their ventures. I’d love for you to be in that number.
Denis Shatalin
While it’s easier than ever to start
a startup, it’s freaking hard to build a successful one.
In the last 2 years I’ve helped over 50 founders scale their ventures. I’d love for you to be in that number.
That’s why I run SaaS Workshop - to help entrepreneurs like
you find customers that will ask to pay for your product.
Most founders do 2 things:
  1. They feed Facebook by running useless ad campaigns
  2. They give up on a decent product before finding their target market
While it’s easier than ever to start a startup, it’s freaking
hard to build a successful one.
9/10 startups fail because they build
useless products
9/10 startups fail
because they build
useless products