Hey, I'm Denis Shatalin
I am the founder of SaaS Camp accelerator. I'm a professional coach and love helping entrepreneurs turn their big vision into reality.

On the side, I'm a passionate surfer, scratch DJ, and traveler.
I scale
After leaving Big-4 I built ecom stores and startups. Later, I found my passion in coaching and already helped numerous founders grow their ventures. My top skills are in getting SaaS to Product-Market Fit, but I also coach entrepreneurs with million-dollar portfolios.
If you're looking for a coach, I'd love to help! Apply to SaaS Camp or drop me an email about your unique case.
My books
After years of scaling SaaS I've put the best strategies in 1 book. If you're a founder below $1K monthly revenue, it will help you find more paying users and nail marketing.
I rely on this roadmap to scale SaaS startups. It's been downloaded 600 times and holds a 4,9-star rating on Gumroad. If you don't know where to start - start here.
scale startups.
$10k SaaS Roadmap
My videos scale startups.
My articles scale startups.
And I can scale yours.
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