Hey, I'm Denis Shatalin
I am the founder of SaaS Camp Accelerator and help B2B SaaS founders solve 2 core problems: getting more product demos, and increasing their close rate.

My campaigns brought Realiste a $52M deal, and booked startups over 1000 product demos.
After leaving Big-4 I built ecom stores and startups. Later, I found my passion in coaching and already helped numerous founders grow their ventures. My top skills are in getting SaaS to Product-Market Fit, but I also coach entrepreneurs with million-dollar portfolios.
If you're looking for a coach, I'd love to help! Apply to SaaS Camp or drop me an email about your unique case.
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Cold lead closed 6 days after launching campaigns

Jillian, Founder of MiloTree celebrates closing the sale from cold outreach campaigns just 6 days after we launched. We helped her identify an ideal customer profile, set up campaigns, and handle objections, which brought us results that fast (PS - Jillian recorded this testimonial in her first month in the program).

23 meetings in the first 7 days for Brian, founder of Yourethos.io

User Testimonial who got 23 meetings in the first 7 days.

0 to 83 demos in 16 weeks at 27% close rate

We booked 83 demos with Britton, Founder of Perci AI in the first 16 weeks, at 27% average close rate. 4 demos were booked within 2 hours after the initial Go-To-Market session (Perci had no demos prior to joining; all results are with $0 ad spend).

8X increase in profit in 11 weeks

Marcus from Feedbucket talks about how his confidence in his product changed after we helped him increase his profit by 8 times. We booked the first demos in week 0 and received the payment from the first cold B2B lead on day 17.

52 positive replies and 16 calls in 21 days for Ilya, CEO Powerleads.io

Nuzair shares how our redesigned funnel got his website-to-sign-up conversion from 0% to 29%

David closing $5K sales from cold traffic with less than 7-day sales cycle

My blog about SaaS growth
    +240K ARR Playbook
    How you can add $240K ARR to your B2B SaaS in less than 6 months using a Hybrid Customer Acquisition System (without increasing your marketing budget)
    *Currently still available for download; file access may be restricted at any time

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    Good job. In the past year, I helped B2B SaaS founders book over 1000 product demos & generate a few mil in new sales, and accelerated over 100 startups. If you liked some of my blog articles, videos, and newsletter tips -
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