(2022) How the right startup coach can skyrocket growth
Denis Shatalin
Founder of Saas Camp
Did you know that 92% of new startups fail? Beyond that, approximately 4 in 5 businesses that fail falter due to cash flow issues (Strategy & Innovation Institute 2022).

The purpose of my website is to support you along your journey with the use of startup coaching for your SaaS startup. If you are a SaaS founder, this is the place for you.

Indeed, I’m well aware of what can make or break a startup in general and in this article, I’ll discuss what startup coaching is, who it is for, along with the benefits it offers, as well as how I can help your startup through the SaaS camp. Let’s get right to it!

What is startup coaching?

Startup coaches provide entrepreneurs with knowledge, insights and support. They also assist founders in clearly determining their goals and long-term ambitions, as well as developing the skills needed to succeed.

In my case, I’m a coach who specifically helps founders build amazing SaaS companies. I do so via the SaaS camp startup accelerator.

Like many startup coaches, I produce both YouTube content and books. Moreover, I hold an advisor position at a UK venture studio. All of this work is oriented toward supporting SaaS founders to hit the ground running. To top it off, I have seven years of experience in marketing & sales.

Using the SaaS camp as an example, I address the following startup challenges:
  • Users are not paying for your product.
  • There’s a lack of consistent acquisition channels.
  • Users aren’t replying to your messages.
  • You lack the necessary writing or/and SEO skills.
However, this is just the beginning. My SaaS camp covers a whole host of topics. Learn more about my SaaS camp today.

Who should consider startup coaching?

Looking at startup coaching in general, many individuals could benefit from hiring one.

Here are some examples:
  • Young entrepreneurs.
  • Potential entrepreneurs.
  • Founders who have great ideas but lack certain implementation skills or knowledge.
  • Startups that are up and running.
  • Young entrepreneurial teams.
  • Founders who feel they are missing the key ingredients to success.

Looking more specifically at the SaaS camp, our program isn’t for everyone.

However, if you meet these requirements, you should sign up today:
  • You are seeking to generate a consistent cash flow through your SaaS.
  • You are looking to turn your startup into your primary source of revenue.
  • You have a working MVP.
  • You wish to apply an easy user acquisition system.

How to maximize your time with a startup coach

Whenever you first meet with a startup coach, you need to be as transparent as possible. Let them know your pain points, your weaknesses as a founder, and your biggest fears regarding your business. Don’t worry – startup coaches are human, too, after all!

You should also have a list of topics you’d like to discuss with your startup coach. Although they will know what questions to ask, having a list of topics on-hand will allow the session to go more fluidly. You want to make the most of your time!

Finally, open yourself up to criticism. The whole purpose of a startup coach is to help you and your business grow. Put your fears and insecurities to the side and listen to what they have to say – even if it’s harsh!

Benefits of startup coaching

Of course, whether you are a Saas founder or another type of entrepreneur, there can be many advantages to hiring a business startup coach.

The benefits of hiring a startup coach include:

  • Being taught from a non-biased viewpoint - Startup coaches want you to succeed but can do so without the same level of emotional investment as the entrepreneur. In other words, startup coaches are not as skewed by the emotion of a new startup and can provide honest and frank opinions to help you succeed in the complex worlds of business and marketing. Where hope and fear play particularly strong roles in your thinking, a non-biased opinion can be especially useful.
  • Networking potential - Often, founders will find new networking opportunities by working with a startup coach. This may be because of someone the coach knows or because the startup coach can point the founder in the right direction to find the sort of people they should work with.
  • Face up to your fears - A startup coach will not shy away from pointing out and helping you address your startup's main challenges. This is the perfect opportunity to face these challenges and the fears you hold for your startup head-on.
  • Advance your skill set - Whether it be user acquisition, creating strong offers to customers, or analyzing metrics (all skills I teach at the SaaS camp), entrepreneurship coaching can develop your skills to help your startup succeed.
  • Motivation - A key driver of success that you should not overlook is raw, genuine motivation. I will provide you with the self-belief and determination necessary to bring your vision to life. Of course, motivational words and slogans only go so far, but developing greater motivation by knowing that you are developing a concise plan and expanding your skill set, can do wonders for your confidence. Moreover, a startup coach can keep you focused as the weeks draw on.

Further to this, here are some additional reasons to sign up for the SaaS camp:
  • I have a track record of taking a SaaS from no revenue to a cash flow of thousands of dollars.
  • I run the program that is tailored for SaaS founders with an ARR under $36,000.
  • You won’t find anyone who’ll care more about your success than I will.
If you’d like to learn more about developing your startup, download my $10K SaaS Roadmap guide today.

This step-by-step guide teaches founders how to:
  • Attract potential users and reach out to them.
  • Run conversations to increase the chances of users paying for your service.
  • Sell your MVP-stage SaaS for the price you desire.
  • Structure your website to convert new visitors into those paying for your product.

The $10K SaaS Roadmap has a 4.9-star rating on Gumroad and over 500 downloads to date.

Who I’ve helped so far

More than fifty entrepreneurs speak fondly of the service I’ve offered by supporting them as they grow their SaaS startups on the path toward becoming successful businesses.

Sign up for the Saas Camp

Today we’ve looked at what startup coaching is, who should consider it, and the various benefits it can offer. Often startup coaching is the key to success in a world where the vast majority of startups fail to truly take off, and approximately half of those that do will fail within five years (Forbes 2022).

Ready to start or further develop your SaaS startup journey and grow your MRR? Apply for the SaaS camp today and benefit from my passion and knowledge in SaaS!


Q: How can I tell if this program is right for my product?
A: Ideally, you should apply if a) you have a working MVP and b) you intend to fast-track your journey to an MRR of $3,000 or more. I regularly get SaaS services to traction, so if you meet the above criteria, you’ve come to the right place!

My program is even better suited to you if one or more of the following issues apply to your startup:
  • You lack consistent user acquisition channels.
  • You fail to convert at least four in ten users into customers.
  • Lacking a clear roadmap for growth.
  • Users aren’t returning to your product at least four times monthly.

Q: If I have an MRR of $0 a month, should I apply?
A: Certainly! Many founders have joined the program without any revenue and zero active users. In each case, we figured out what was going wrong and secured their first customers in a matter of weeks. Really, if you make anywhere under $3,000 MRR, it’s a great idea to join the SaaS camp.

Q: Why are you the best choice?
A: Unlike most teachers/gurus, I’ve been in your shoes before. I’ve struggled with my first sale, received 0 responses from my outreach campaigns. Basically, every problem that involves starting a SaaS, I’ve dealt with. After starting 6 startups from $0 MRR to traction, and having over 7 years of experience in marketing and sales, I know what it takes to succeed.

You can find more FAQs on the SaaS camp website! I look forward to starting our journey together :)

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